Building Better: Technology's Role in Revolutionizing Supply Chains with April Moss

Building Better: Technology's Role in Revolutionizing Supply Chains with April Moss

April Moss is the COO and Co-founder of DigiBuild, a construction software company that streamlines and removes approximately 30% of the administrative burden and costs associated with procuring materials by taking on the supply chain management/procurement of materials.

Join host Audrey "Tech Diva" Wiggins as she delves into the cutting-edge world of construction innovation with special guest April Moss. In this episode, April, COO and Co-Founder of DigiBuild, shares her personal story and great insights into how their construction software is revolutionizing supply chain management, procurement, and mental health support within the industry. With over 20 years of executive experience, April's expertise shines as she discusses the challenges, triumphs, and future vision of digital transformation in construction. Tune in for an engaging conversation that explores the intersection of technology, sustainability, and human well-being in the construction landscape.

#supplychainmanagement #procurement #materials #mentalhealth #constructiontechnology


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