Decoding Business Value: Lessons from Jordi Pujol on Valuation and Engagement

Decoding Business Value: Lessons from Jordi Pujol on Valuation and Engagement

Tune in to the Business Chop to gain valuable insights on business valuation, storytelling, and strategies for creating lasting value in today's dynamic market. Guest Jordi Pujol prepares us to unlock actionable tips for business success!

Jordi Pujol is a Director at Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation, and serves as an engagement leader for the firm's Valuation Advisory Services Practice. Mr. Pujol is responsible for expansion efforts in Los Angeles, California, where he serves local clients in addition to serving remote clients across the US.

The interview began with Jordi Pujol, and Audrey discussing the importance of storytelling and appealing to the audience. Jordi then delved into the complexities of creating and harvesting value for companies of varying sizes, emphasizing the need to understand the different stages that companies have to navigate. They also explored the diverse nature of business assets, highlighting the importance of recognizing a company's most valuable asset and the potential implications of personal involvement on a business's value.

Jordi presented a case study of an e-commerce company that initially centered its marketing around its technology, only to discover that their brand was the true driver of success. He emphasized the importance of connecting with consumers on an emotional level through the brand story, highlighting the impact of this approach on consumer engagement and purchase decisions. They also discussed the challenges faced during business valuations, emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive and organized information in accurately assessing the value and potential of a business.

Learn more and connect with Jordi Pujol at:

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