Faith, Finance, and Fulfillment: Tanisha Taylor's Recipe for Success
Business ChopSeptember 04, 2023

Faith, Finance, and Fulfillment: Tanisha Taylor's Recipe for Success

Tanisha Taylor is an author, life coach, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur who works with young adults to help them create the life they want with their finances, finding purpose in faith, happiness in family relationships, and achieving fulfillment in fitness and nutrition goals without the fear of failure. She coaches with passion, empowering her clients to attain a happy and productive life. 

With over 25+ years in the banking industry, Tanisha had the opportunity to help people make their financial dreams come true by advising them in saving money, earning money, paying off debt and planning for retirement. Her favorite client stories were in helping young adults to save money, pay off debt and purchase their first home. However, even after those many years of banking experience, she noticed that something was still missing. Tanisha believed that if she could do it for herself, why not help someone else reach their goals. She remembers saying to herself, I’m going to do this coaching business. She purchased books, created a name for her business and filed it with the State of Ohio, however, she was still stuck and didn’t know how to transition from employee to entrepreneur. She was afraid because she went to college and a career was her path. However, her biggest challenge was stepping out on faith and not quitting when things became hard. Tanisha had learned from her mom to work hard and not to quit. She knew having God and her (MOM) coach made reaching goals more attainable. That’s when she knew that it was now time to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur Tanisha’s former employer said of her, “When I think of your gift it really boils down to your passion and will to succeed…your talent is you’re an amazing listener. You pay attention to detail. Which in turn assists you in helping others in whatever it is they are looking to accomplish.”

When not coaching, Tanisha can be found enjoying high impact cardio, strength training and spin classes for the ultimate wellness experience.

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