From Professional Wrestler to Successful Entrepreneur with Dustin Bogle
Business ChopApril 24, 2023
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From Professional Wrestler to Successful Entrepreneur with Dustin Bogle

Dustin Bogle is here to chop it up about building a massively profitable business. He will teach us how in marketing to improve our follow up, get more sales easily and about leadership: are we selling a vision or selling a job. Be on your guard cause there will be plenty of slams coming your way. 

Dustin has a unique story. His family immigrated from Egypt in the 60s to chase the American Dream. As a young adult, he got into Professional Wrestling (yes, the elbow drop and dropkick kinda wrestling). Being a pro wrestler is where Dustin learned how to sell tickets and organize a live event. From there, Dustin went on to open 6 gyms in 6 years in Southern California - the most competitive market in the industry. That's where he was forced to really grow as a leader and entrepreneur because it was extremely difficult and packed with lessons learned. But it's also where he learned how to grow and scale a business the right way. 

Today, Dustin helps Gym Owners to delegate their sales and admin work to his team so they can free up their time. His book "Reinforce Your Gym" is a collection of his golden strategies to help Gym Owners to build a massively profitable business. Although these lessons are written for Gym Owners, they can be easily transferred over to other business sectors too. 

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