Innovate, Partner, Succeed: Technology Tips from Shane Mishler
Business ChopOctober 17, 2023
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Innovate, Partner, Succeed: Technology Tips from Shane Mishler

Audrey Wiggins host of the Business Chop podcast and Shane Mishler, VP COO of SD Tech, discussed the importance of technology and partnerships in small business success. He emphasized the need for small businesses to invest in the right technology infrastructure, including hardware, software, and cybersecurity measures, to improve efficiency and maintain community trust. They also advised small business owners to seek out partnerships with individuals around them, including competitors, to build relationships and strengthen their community.

Shane shared insights on SD Tech's success, attributing it to their focus on customer service and building relationships. He also discussed the importance of hiring employees who are invested in the company's vision and culture. Audrey and Shane brainstormed potential topics for discussion, including the work culture at SD Tech and the importance of the right IT system for business success. They also discussed the technical aspects of the interview, ensuring that the mic was working and the recording was set up correctly.

Overall, the interview set the stage for a conversation that would focus on the challenges and tools that small businesses need to grow. Shane and Audrey provided valuable advice on technology infrastructure, partnerships, and communication skills in the tech industry. They emphasized the importance of investing in the right technology solutions and building strong relationships with individuals around them, including competitors, to create a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly and efficiently.

Shane is the Chief Operating Officer for SD Tech and oversees the daily operations of the company. He partners with the owner to design and implement business strategies, plans, and processes. Shane is actively involved in all of the company’s investments, clients, strategic franchise partners, and expansion activities. During his tenure, the company’s revenue has more than tripled, and their active client list includes over 200 companies. Please contact him for a free consultation at

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