Innovation in Real Estate: Karim Kerachni's Path to Franchise Development and Business Success
Business ChopDecember 04, 2023
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Innovation in Real Estate: Karim Kerachni's Path to Franchise Development and Business Success

With 13+ years experience in Sales and Management across North America, and France in my early career, Karim found his true calling in launching new ventures, creating systems & processes, and business development at large; he defines himself as an entrepreneur more than a business owner: once the business is up and running, he feels the need to move on to the next project or opportunity!

Karim is a franchise developer in Massachusetts for a revolutionary real estate company, owner of a cleaning company with multiple locations in eastern Canada, full-time globetrotter Started my career in Sales then management, first in France then Alberta, Canada, before moving to Halifax 5years ago where he launched his first business and became passionate about entrepreneurship, which he grows by systematizing/automating/delegating — his mantra is Work to Live, don’t Live to Work.

The discussion shifted to remote work and the various technology tools used for it, including free phone numbers and Slack. Karim offered tips for finding the right virtual assistant for your needs and emphasized the importance of recruiting the right people. Audrey expressed interest in using virtual assistants herself and Karim offered to introduce her to some vetted options after the interview.

Finally, Karim introduced PropertyGuys, a real estate company with a unique approach to real estate that offers a flat fee package that includes all necessary services, allowing customers to save money and have more control in the process. Karim provided insights into the changing real estate industry and the challenges faced by real estate agents, and emphasized the need for real estate professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in a crowded industry. He also recommended franchises as a way for new business owners to reduce costs and risks.

His mission? to expand this amazing model all across New England by 2030, making a refreshing and long-lasting change in the real estate industry.

Contact Karim on inkedIn at

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