Podcasting as a Strategic Business Tool: Insights and Strategies from CEO Molly Ruland
Business ChopJuly 10, 2023
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Podcasting as a Strategic Business Tool: Insights and Strategies from CEO Molly Ruland

Meet Molly Ruland. Molly is the CEO & Founder of Heartcast Media, a Digital Content Agency focused on content marketing for Founders, CEOs, Coaches and Brands. Molly specializes in producing high quality branded video content for businesses that want to generate revenue and create strategic relationships through content marketing. She's done this for two decades. Molly is a frequent speaker about the business of podcasting, marketing & content creation. She believes that "listening is the revolution" and it is evident in the work she produces, with multiple podcasts in the top 10% of downloads. Molly currently lives in Costa Rica with her 4 dogs and runs her global business remotely.

During the course of the interview, Molly shared her insights on how podcasting can be used as a strategic business development tool, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with guests and creating targeted content marketing. They also discussed the importance of authenticity in business and the impact of AI on relationships. 

Molly and Audrey discussed the importance of outsourcing content creation for a branded podcast and taking the straightest path to money, rather than chasing social media followers and likes. Molly explained and encourages podcasters to implement the "three pillars of a branded podcast: strategy, production and amplification."

They shared personal stories and reflections on their experiences in business and life, emphasizing the importance of gaining clarity in what you want and creating your perfect day to envision the life you want to live. Overall, the conversation highlighted the importance of practical strategies for financial success in business and self-reflection to create the life you desire. Molly's advice is to, "specialize in creating intentional, strategic branded content that's designed to boost your visibility and increase your revenue."

To learn more about Molly and HeartCast Media visit heartcastmedia.com. You can also schedule a 15 discovery session here or visit: https://calendly.com/mollyruland/discovery-chat-molly-ruland

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