Turning Strategy into Results with Jim Gitney

Turning Strategy into Results with Jim Gitney

Jim Gitney is an author and the CEO of Group50 Consulting.

Jim has over 45 years of senior level experience in world class companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50. He founded Group50® Consulting in 2004 and has worked with over 200 companies formulating and implementing strategy. He has extensive experience in running large global operations and working with boards, business owners and executives on developing and implementing transformative strategic initiatives including Mergers and Acquisitions, integration, and lean management which encompasses business process engineering and sustainable continuous improvement initiatives. He understands how to “Turn Strategy Into Results”.

His question to us is: “What is the one most important goal and how do we use it to drive our organization forward?

Pick up his book, "Strategy Realized - The Business Hierarchy of Needs", at strategyrealized.com.

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