Derek Austin

Derek Austin

Author and Graphic Artist - Derek Austin

Born-again artist, long-time comic book fan and an enthusiast of black history!


Derek Austin is a talented professional graphic artist. Along his journey he got burned out on creating for someone else. He never created anything for himself. He burned out on creating art that did not represent who he was. He took a job as a correctional officer in a maximum-security prison. It was during this time that he again found his joy in creating and was able to inspire others in the prison. He has since left that job and wrote a book about a black hero and illustrated the book himself. The book is titled, "Infinite, you are the Hero" available on Amazon While the "Infinite" is a children's book, every adult who reads it will be inspired and reminded of the hero that lies within them. It is an adventurous and empowering story of the superhero called The Infinite who faces and overcomes the everyday trials of doubt and self-confidence many children (and adults) face. This book seeks to educate, as well as entertain, anyone who has dealt with a lack of self-confidence, fear and the long-term effects that bullying can create. The story shows the empowering effect of confidence and power that comes from self-awareness.

Derek's message to us, "remember who you are despite what the world is telling you or showing you".

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