Josh Ramsey

Josh Ramsey

Business Development Manager - ClearBrand

Josh Ramsey is the Business Development Manager at A digital Marketing Agency focussed on data-driven marketing that gets results; more leads and sales. He believes that "without good marketing, businesses die and people suffer, and that ethical, scientific marketing can change the world". 

"I have always had an obsession with the truth. When I started my journey of entrepreneurship, I thought discovering the truth about growing a business would be easy, as long as I worked hard. I figured my major in Psychology and Philosophy, and my ongoing studies in how to build human connection would mean my efforts would bring the results I was looking for. The truth about business growth continued to evade me, and I ended up spending thousands of dollars in ‘hope marketing’ - ‘I hope this works, I hope that works.’ Nothing did. There are so many popular and incorrect perspectives about how marketing works, why it is important, where our marketing efforts need to be focussed and how we can ensure we are front of mind when our customers are ready to buy. I tried them all. 

"Discovering data-driven marketing was like finding a well in a desert. Data-driven Marketing ensures we get the results that matter: leads and sales. I stand on the shoulders of giants who have done the research, along with the experience we have gathered at in testing and tweaking hard-won marketing truths. I am here to share these truths and practical tools to help businesses thrive because I believe that entrepreneurs and marketers change the world."

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