Building Brands, Protecting Dreams: The Trademark Factory® Promise

Building Brands, Protecting Dreams: The Trademark Factory® Promise

Andrei Mincov, founder and CEO of Trademark Factory®, provides unique trademark registration services with a guaranteed result and budget. With a legal background in intellectual property (IP), Mincov fought against music theft, authored international bestsellers, and aided numerous entrepreneurs in safeguarding their IP. He emphasizes the importance of trademarks for brand ownership, preventing theft, and assisting growth-minded entrepreneurs through Trademark Factory's guaranteed services.

Andrei's career in intellectual property began when he fought a Russian radio station that stole his father's music. Since then, Andrei has written multiple books on intellectual property, one an international bestseller, and he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies protect their IP.

He believes people who have created something deserve to not have it stolen from them. Hard-working entrepreneurs shouldn't be taken advantage of. That's why he founded Trademark Factory. That's why he's passionate about sharing his experiences with growth-minded entrepreneurs who want to build amazing brands.

When he's not helping secure trademarks, Andrei enjoys living in Dubai with his wife and three kids. He also dreamed up, designed, engineered, and had made for himself a one-of-a-kind DrumDesk™. Now he can type emails and do double-bass paradiddles at the same time.

Go to and request your free call with Trademark Factory strategy advisors to get your trademarking process started. Because without a trademark, you don't own your brand. In fact, you don't even have a brand. What you have is a name, an image, or a phrase that you WANT to be your brand. But they only become your brand once you can legally stop others from using similar names, images, and phrases to sell their products and services. That's what trademarks do. And that's what Trademark Factory can help you get with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.

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