Inspiration from CPA and Leadership Development Coach Rita N. Singh
Business ChopAugust 19, 2021
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Inspiration from CPA and Leadership Development Coach Rita N. Singh

On The Business Chop Podcast, Audrey Wiggins will interview Rita N. Singh.

Rita has been recognized locally and internationally for her business innovation and leadership. As a senior organizational leader, whose work includes organization strategy, strategic marketing, change management, client services, team leadership, corporate communication, and other significant areas for high level productivity. She is the recipient of numerous local, national and international awards, recognitions and accolades.

As a CPA, Rita has made outstanding achievements and represents the winning spirit of today's strategic consultant who understands broad business issues beyond the numbers. With insight and vision, Rita creates long-term profitability and delivers key business outcomes resulting in Positive Cash Flow, Growth, Wealth and Stability.

As a BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP COACH, Rita has given business leaders a step-up to hone their entrepreneurship and business skills for greater opportunities. As an executive coach, she provides knowledge - based coaching that is customized, fact based, insightful and actionable. Experiential and highly engaging coaching mindset and skills set transforms organizations, teams and individuals to collaborate, challenge, explore, create and transform together for a positive change.

As a CONSULTANT, Rita brings extensive knowledge and experience in financial management, operations, marketing and strategic growth consulting to diversified industries in the private sector, government and non-profit areas to achieve business objectives.

As a PHILANTHROPIST AND THOUGHT LEADER, Rita has consistently given her time, talent and her life savings towards the larger good of humanity in her community. Her vision has provided the philanthropic "fuel" to address pressing and vital issues facing our community. LEARN MORE or 

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