Making Tech Easy with Engineer John C Morley

Making Tech Easy with Engineer John C Morley

John C. Morley a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Marketing Specialist, Talk Show Host, and President of his local Chamber of Commerce.

I’m John C. Morley and the Founder, CEO of The JMOR Connection, Inc now a 30+ year company in Franklin Lakes, NJ. When I was in college not too long ago; I realized that many were frustrated with technology but also being given bad advice. No matter whether you have never touched technology or use it daily my team and I will help you as we Make IT Easy. During 7th Grade I started one of New Jersey’s largest BBS Systems to build community before there was a internet with fancy formatted pages and graphics usual forms. I am also the President of The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce and help to Make Our Community Better One Day at a Time™. One thing I was always taught is that you treat everyone with respect and integrity regardless of their position or stature in life. A wise person once said and I quote: ”You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do," said Henry Ford. And he is absolutely right. I have a passion for technology and helping others feel comfortable and use it to its maximum potential. I have been very grateful to manage two of the world's largest international bank's info-structure in Wall Street Data Centers. 

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