Exploring Courage, Confidence and Authenticity with Audrey
Business ChopJanuary 16, 2023x

Exploring Courage, Confidence and Authenticity with Audrey

Hello friend! Are you facing a locked door? I have three keys that will not only help you unlock the door, but open it, and get on the other side to meet success. You are going to reach your goals. Are you ready? Let's go!

As I reflect upon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we share the same birthday by the way, I cannot help but imagine the confidence and courage he had to seek implementation of his dream during a time when African Americans were limited by the racism and oppression of the day. There was a lot of stress and confusion around having dreams. What was the use, they would only stop me if I get to far along? Yet Dr. King was driven by his beliefs in a better future for his children and his children’s children. Not only did he believe, he had courage and confidence to show up. When he did show up, he showed up authentically. Today I want us to explore those same three keys for ourselves.

I am here with your three keys to making something Happen positive. And those three keys are confidence, authenticity, and courage. What do those three concepts mean and how can you integrate them into your life, into your path, your journey to success whether in relationships or business. First you must change your stinking thinking. You need to change your mindset. Shift your thinking from I think I can to I know I can. Then take the needed actions.

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