Principles of Creativity and Innovation: A Deep Dive into What's Next with Lauren St. George
Business ChopOctober 30, 2023

Principles of Creativity and Innovation: A Deep Dive into What's Next with Lauren St. George

Guest, Lauren St. George covered a range of topics related to creativity, innovation, and personal growth. Lauren delved into the topic of fear of change and how it can hold individuals back from reaching their goals. She emphasized that creativity is a muscle that can be built over time, and that there are natural ways we solve problems but also ways to circumvent or hack it.

Lauren discussed the principles of creativity and innovation, including provocative thinking, deep listening, and having a "yes and" mindset. She emphasized the importance of asking the right questions and listening deeply to build better teams and serve clients more effectively. Lauren from What's Next shared stories of clients who overcame obstacles and found their next steps through coaching and creative thinking. She emphasized the importance of taking action and not waiting to pursue what you want in life.

They also covered the benefits of group coaching for accountability, community, and perspective. Through sharing experiences and expertise, participants gain clarity and develop a plan to achieve their goals.

To learn more about Lauren and What's Next visit

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