The Three Keys to Living Your Life Purpose Part 1 with Bill Heinrich
Business ChopMay 01, 2023

The Three Keys to Living Your Life Purpose Part 1 with Bill Heinrich

Bill Heinrich and Audrey “Tech Diva” Wiggins discussed how fear blocks people from finding their life purpose and how it is important to approach life from a place of love. They also discussed how life lessons can lead to blind spots and how awareness and being open-minded can help people make better choices.

Success isn't always what it seems from the outside. Says Bill. He speaks from experience; and found success at a very young age. He was living in one of the most beautiful places on earth and from the outside everything looked perfect, but something was always missing. Surrounded by material success, with everything in place by normal standards, Bill found myself dissatisfied and nothing seemed to fill the emptiness inside. No matter how much money he made or how successful he was he never felt whole. Over the course of time, this feeling got worse, never better, no matter what he did. He remembers, about almost 30 years ago that he was so miserable he walked out the door to change his life and never - looked - back. Prior to starting on his spiritual transformation path, his life was literally out of control! In Bill’s words: “Dysfunction completely controlled my life and I was making decisions based on who I wasn’t. I was literally walking through life blindfolded! I'm not blindfolded any longer! I have cracked the code! With nearly 30 years of research, investigation and experimentation I found the answers that will allow anyone to live life with passion, purpose and prosperity. The information that I have discovered is so powerful that it creates a fool proof blueprint to follow that guarantees success.”

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