Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: An Exclusive Interview with David Van Beekum of Tweva

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: An Exclusive Interview with David Van Beekum of Tweva

Audrey interviewed Dave Van Beekum, the Co-Founder & Creator of Tweva, the world's first social TV network for small businesses and influencers. A digital marketing guru, startup enthusiast, and tech expert, Dave is a man of many talents. Despite being more of an introvert, Dave has been a driving force behind Tweva's success, working tirelessly on software development, databases, automation, 3D printing, robots, and AI. But it wasn't until recently, when one of his co-founders passed away, that Dave realized it was time to step out of his comfort zone and share his wealth of knowledge with others. 

Balancing the challenges of running a startup with a family, Dave is currently focused on securing a 2.2 million dollar investment for Tweva while simultaneously driving traction with local businesses on the platform. It's a tough balancing act, but Dave's passion for helping small businesses succeed is unwavering. When he's not revolutionizing the social TV space, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and kids in sunny Florida. And if you can't find him there, chances are he's locked himself in his air-conditioned office, dreaming up new ways to change the world of digital marketing. 

They discussed the benefits of creating content for small businesses, including branding, and becoming community experts, and the barriers to entry, including self-judgment and lack of marketing capability. Tweva Inc. offers social media management services to help businesses get started in digital marketing.

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