Unlocking 7-Figure Success: Kristen Hillman's Financial Strategy Blueprint
Business ChopOctober 09, 2023
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Unlocking 7-Figure Success: Kristen Hillman's Financial Strategy Blueprint

In this episode featuring Kristen Hillman, founder and CEO of Viticula LLC, a boutique financial strategy and virtual CFO firm, she shared valuable insights on achieving seven-figure business success through financial strategies. Kristen's expertise, built on 25+ years of experience in accounting and finance, has empowered her to help service-based businesses accelerate their growth using her Financial Simplicity Framework.

One of Kristen's key points was the importance of aligning personal goals with financial plans and strategies. She stressed that every business should understand essential financial metrics, adapting them to their specific objectives. She also highlighted the impact of subscriptions on business operations and the need for regular subscription reviews and adjustments.

Kristen acknowledged the challenge of transitioning from an entrepreneur to a CEO and emphasized the significance of having a long-term vision. She recommended assembling a team of specialists and advisors to prevent burnout and exhaustion.

A major theme of the interview was the mindset shift necessary to trust others and delegate tasks effectively. Kristen emphasized the importance of consciously stepping into the CEO role for long-term success. She also advised bringing in experts in areas such as legal, finance, and marketing to save both time and money. All these insights form the foundation of the Financial Strategy Secrets to Scale to a 7-Figure Business.


Kristen is the founder and CEO of Viticula LLC, a boutique financial strategy and virtual CFO firm that helps service-based businesses accelerate their dreams through her signature Financial Simplicity Framework. Kristen has 25+ years of accounting and finance experience leading private equity companies to success and now help values-driven small businesses maximize their profitability and sustainability.

She’s passionate about helping female founders and CEOs accelerate their dreams and supplementing the world-class business coaching they're already receiving with critical financial strategy to ensure long-term growth and profitability. I'm the virtual CFO and Financial Adviser business coaches keep on speed dial to offer bespoke financial strategy that separates good programs from game-changing containers.

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